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 This site is designed to provide important information and announcements to the neighbors and lot owners of the Westcliffe Neighborhood.  

 Included in the Phase links below you will also find the following:




Please review the Bill of Assurance for your property to make sure you are in compliance with the guidelines and restrictions stated for your Phase.  This includes any new structure to be built, or modified, on your property.   There is a process to submit plans to construct any new buildings, including fences.                             

As required in the Bill of Assurance, you will need to submit plans before constructing a new structure on your property; this includes fencing.  Your plans "including a site plan" and Residential Application will need to be emailed to Alan King, lead for the Architectural Control Committee, at:





Hello Westcliffe neighbors!   Thank you for accessing this website for information the Westcillfe neighborhood.

Please remember there are no motorized vehicles allowed on the neighborhood walking/hiking trails.   Please let your family members and guests know as well.  The trails will be mowed and trimmed in the coming weeks so they are more user friendly.   We will have motorized equipment on the trails during this time. 


You can use to contact the neighborhood committee (WNC), or your Phase Representative, for any neighborhood questions/concerns you may have.  


Westcliffe Bill of Assurance

Since its formation in 2020, the Westcliffe Neighborhood Committee (WNC) has learned that some residents are either not aware that a Bill of Assurance (BOA) exists for their phase, or are not fully aware of all the provisions contained within the BOA.

Each phase has a BOA which are all similar except for Phase 1, Phase 1 has larger square footage requirement for homes.  The BOA with its provisions is a legal document that is recorded at the Saline County Courthouse and its intent is to preserve our property values and to keep our neighborhood looking as nice as possible.    You acknowledged its existence in the closing documents when you purchased your property.

A big factor for many, if not all, of the residents’ decision to move into Westcliffe is the existence of the BOA.    The WNC urges you to fully read the BOA for your phase, assess and confirm your property is complying with the provisions listed.  If not, please take this time to make any necessary changes to your property so your property is in compliance with the provisions within the BOA.     The BOA for your phase is included on this website.   If you have any questions, feel free to email the WNC at and a member of the WNC, or your phase representative, will assist in providing getting an answer to your question.

Also, as a reminder, all structures (including any fencing) must be submitted to the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) for review and approval.    The email address for submittals is included on this website.   Any structure submittals must include the Residential Application Form (included on this website), Plans for construction, and a Site Plan depicting the location of the structure (including fencing).  The Site Plan is needed to assist the ACC in ensuring the planned structure is not located within a right of way, or easement.   To avoid any delays from the ACC and the approval process, please provide the above documents along with clear details of the construction plan. 

The WNC appreciates your cooperation in following the provisions listed within the BOAs.


Horse/Walking Trails

Even with the Bill of Assurance (BOA) and the presence of signs, Unauthorized use of motorized vehicles on the horse/walking trails in the neighborhood is still occurring.  It is the Westcliffe Neighborhood Committee’s understanding that this is occurring not only during daylight hours but at all hours of the night.    

This activity is not only violating the BOA but is also disturbing the property owners adjacent to these trails.  The WNC urges that residents (including children) please practice common courtesy to your neighbors and refrain from using motorized vehicles on these trails.    The intended use of these trails is for walking, mountain biking and horse riding only.    The motorized vehicles will create ruts and mud holes which will hamper the use of the trail for walkers and the vehicle’s noise could spook a horse or disturb a neighbor.

We hope everyone enjoys these trails and we appreciate your cooperation in using the trails for their intended purposes.   

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